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Welcome to Ballyhannon House Horse Riding Center

We provide three unforgettable treks for you to choose from. Each one providing its own unique adventure through Ireland's beautiful countryside. From walks down country lanes to rides up ancient hill forts, and even a trip to the pub if that’s your thing. You can experience all this and more right here at Ballyhannon House.
During registration, we offer complimentary tea or coffee in our stunning Garden Gazebo.
Once you're registered it’s time to get you suited and booted. Helmets and Boots will be provided (we want you safe and sound for the whole memorable experience).
Then, a short lesson on equine communication. This is where you get to meet your chosen horse, and get to know your new friend before mounting.
As we mentioned earlier, we're committed to your safety & comfort. So, all our treks start with a short safety and comfort briefing. This is followed by a few minutes riding tutorial in our indoor arena. So, you really get acquainted with your new friend allowing you to ride out with confidence.